NK5 as an investor

NKinvests in companies based in Spain, with turnover between €30 and €500 million. We work alongside the management team, providing hands-on financial and operational support.

  • We are a transition investor that manages companies undergoing special situations that put their viability at risk, and leads them into a stage of stability, where cash generation and positive results are restored, preparing them for growth, development and consolidation of their business.
  • The team of NKhas long-standing experience in buyouts, alone or with third parties, in a wide range of industries.
  • We design value-based investment solutions aligned with other stakeholders.
  • NKis not an investment fund, which avoids restrictions in the investment strategy or holding period. We invest with our owns funds or alongside institutional investors.
  • We focus on all the capital structure through different instruments: secured debt, senior debt, working capital financing, subordinated debt (mezzanine, profit participating loans, etc.) and equity.

Situations we invest in

  • While providing operating and financial management, we invest in companies with excess debt, stressed working capital, or any other kind of restructuring need.
  • We embrace companies with negative EBITDA, negative profitability or inefficient cash flow generation.
  • NK5 invests in companies that have held an attractive position in their industries.
  • Companies in need of strategic turns, including opportunities where operational malfunctions may jeopardize their viability.

>> Baux Group <<

  • NKhelps family-owned business where succession within the family is not feasible, offering the chance of profiting from the long-term success of the company.
  • We offer equitable, flexible and long-term focused solutions in situations where shareholders have different points of view.
  • We are looking for value which is often hidden or wasted within large organizations, regardless of its operating challenges and its financial situation.
  • Our background as investors and restructuring advisors provides us with a unique approach when advising, monitoring and investing in selective NPL (non-performing loans) portfolios of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprise) and Corporates.
  • Short term financing for over-leveraged companies or with stressed working capital so they can keep running their business while seeking long term solutions.
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