Restructuring Services

  • We cooperate with shareholders and creditors in order to preserve financial and operating stability by tackling challenges quickly and proactively, preserving value in uncertain situations.
  • In every project, we analyze the capital structure and its sustainability, together with the plans for value creation, growth and investment consolidation.
  • Our management and restructuring team supports the directors in times of change and can join them as an interim measure.
  • The Debt Advisory team advises creditors and debtors in restructuring existing debt and fundraising processes.

Main Services

  • We build cash flow forecasting tools promptly.
  • Thanks to our management control expertise, we can free up cash quickly through working capital optimization.
  • We implement internal and external reporting measures that meet investors and creditors’ standards.
  • We stress-test existing tools and design improvement and monitoring plans with management teams; those improvements remain in the company and create value.
  • We offer strategic support to management teams.
  • If needed, we step in to fill different positions (CFO, cash, etc.) with full assumption of responsibilities
  • We act as intermediaries between different stakeholders in order to generate relevant information focused on decision making.
  • Eventually, we can support project management and monitoring.
  • We take control and assume management of several types of third-party assets, including:
  • Companies with operational and/or financial weaknesses.
  • NPL (non-performing loans) portfolios of medium sized companies (SMEs) or large companies (Corporates).
  • SPVs (special purpose vehicle).
  • We can take part in board meetings to provide an outsider view free of conflicts of interest.
  • Back management team by leveraging our expertise in industry trends.
  • Track record on companies operating in the same industry.
  • Design and composition of the Board.
  • Generating periodical reports, project monitoring and board management.
  • Implementation of best practices on corporate governance.
  • Advise the Board of Directors and Investment funds on the implementation of strategic goals.
  • We assure stability and leadership through periods of transition thanks to our deep operating and financial management expertise while conducting the flow of communication with shareholders and management team.
  • We advise the parties throughout the analysis and negotiation of debt and capital structures:
    • Search, negotiation and coordination of the parties.
    • Outsourcing of complex negotiations.
    • Design of optimal capital and debt schemes.
    • Communication and negotiation with other stakeholders (public administrations, suppliers, etc.)
  • We advise on the financial segments of transformation projects:
    • We evaluate and design financing structures tailored to the challenge ahead.
    • We create customized solutions and look for the right financial sponsors.
  • We can build or help in the design of a Business Plan as an efficient tool to act upon.
  • Assisting or negotiating, we commit entirely to the execution of the Business Plan:
    • Company reorganization (closure of unprofitable units, divestiture of non-strategic assets, etc.).
    • Identification and implementation of cost improvements.
    • Introduction of best practices on financial management.
  • We work alongside the management team to improve performance:
    • Monitoring and control tools
    • Identification of deficiencies, deviations and distortions.
    • Building value-based reporting tools to be prepared and followed by management teams.