Macarena joined NK5 in March 2019 as CSR Manager. Currently, she also carries out research and knowledge systematization in various topics, including CSR, sustainability, and economic development.

Macarena is a graduate of Law and Business Administration from the Pontifical University of Comillas in Madrid. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Humanitarian Aid from University College Dublin and a Master in Administration from Harvard University.

She has developed her professional career in non-profit organizations and consulting companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia, in management, evaluation, research, consulting and strategic development projects.

Among her most recent publications are works on «Communities Resilient to Climate Change. Working strategies in partnership in the Philippines», «Inclusive businesses to promote food security. The experience of Minka-Dev, Codespa and ALSEC in Colombia», «Conventions Tourism and Social Inclusion. Innovative MICE tourism experiences in the region of Cusco, Peru» and «Adaptation to Climate Change. International Initiatives to Support Small Rural Producers». Within the scope of Corporate Volunteering, she has published a “Guide for the implementation of a Corporate Volunteering Program for Development” and “Corporate Volunteering for Development. A strategic tool to integrate business and employees in the fight against poverty».