01 Mar 2022

NK5 incorporates Manuel Álvarez and Jaime Galobart as Senior Advisors

NK5 incorporates the former General Director of OHLA and former CEO of HSBC as Senior Advisors

NK5, an investment firm offering restructuring and turnaround services, manages and invests in companies facing operational or financial instability, has incorporated Manuel Álvarez and Jaime Galobart as Senior Advisors for the construction and infrastructure sector and the energy and climate sector, respectively. NK5 hopes to leverage its extensive and proven experience to provide a differential angle in those special situations related to these sectors, as well as for the origination of new opportunities that contribute to the firm’s growth.

Manuel Álvarez has more than 35 years of experience in the construction sector, concessions, oil & gas services and railway logistics as CEO, Managing Director, COO and board member of leading infrastructure companies. Álvarez has been Director General of the OHL Group between 2018 and 2021 where he led the transformation and financial restructuring of the group, overseeing the operational divisions (construction, concessions, industrial and services) and the functional (finance, legal and organization and human resources). Previously, he worked for 17 years as a Chief Operating Officer and member of the Council of Roads and Constructions (ACS Group) and Chief Operating Officer for the Northwest region of Spain of Lain and General Manager of Constructions Adolfo Sobrino where he worked a total of 8 years. He was part of the Department of Castilla y León, as head of the construction department.

Manuel is a civil engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and has a postgraduate training at IE Business School, where he completed an Executive Finance Development Program.

Jaime Galobart has more than 35 years of experience in the energy and financial sectors. He developed his career in the financial sector in different banks such as Lloyds, Citibank or Midland Bank where he worked in the areas of Corporate Banking, Financial Engineering and Treasury and Capital Markets. Later he was Deputy CEO of Midland Bank and later became CEO and Country Manager of HSBC Bank in Spain. From 2005 he took a leap to the energy sector where he served as CEO of Renovalia Energy Group for 12 years. Additionally, he is Independent Advisor to IslaLink and Senior Advisor to Infrastrutture SpA.

Jaime holds a degree in Business Administration from Franklin & Marshall College of Pennsylvania (USA) and has postgraduate training at CEDEP-INSEAD where he completed an Executive Program.

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