What we do · Restructuring and Turnaround
We are the CRO specialist firm of companies facing financial difficulties

We focus on financial restructuring and achieving the viability of the company in collaboration with the management team so that they can focus on management

How do we do it
The importance of a CRO

Acting as a Chief Restructuring Officer involves providing our expertise in the financial restructuring of a company and collaborating with the management team taking on multiple roles.

We are able to modulate the intensity of our presence.
We align the interests of diverse stakeholders.
We address various levels of management -financial / cash; general management / operational supervision.
We assume the role of administrator or the necessary responsibility for each situation, when necessary.
We centralize and take over the process of restructuring and transformation of companies.
We have an active presence and provide criteria in the negotiations.
Our Services
Our approach avoids conflicts of interest
  • It is vital to prioritize essential payments in order to have enough time for a successful restructuring.
  • We tension existing control systems and create improvement and follow-up plans with internal teams. In this way, improvements remain in the company and increase its value.
  • Communication with different stakeholders allows us to generate relevant information to facilitate decision-making.
  • We design the composition of the Board of Directors and advisors.
  • We make periodic reports, by a thorough monitoring of projects and management of councils.
  • We advise the Board of Directors and investment funds when implementing strategic objectives.
  • We advise on the financial aspects of transformation projects, creating tailored solutions for each challenge..
  • Working capital optimizing.
  • We are committed to the execution of this plan: corporate reorganization, identification and implementation of cost improvements, introduction of financial management best practices, etc.
  • We collaborate in the performance optimization process: monitoring and control systems, reporting and value creation plans, etc.
  • As an Interim CFO, we advise parties throughout the process of defining and negotiating debt and equity structure.
  • Finally, as Interim CEO, we ensure stability and leadership during the transition, maintaining communication with shareholders and the management team.
  • At NK5 we also develop medium-term value plans, we optimize management reports and KPI tracking, design and implement corporate transformation programs and prepare the business for a future sale.
Success stories
Examples on how do we work

Find here some success stories where we acted as CRO for important companies belonging to various sectors:

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