What we do · Transitional investment
We design flexible investment schemes aligned with major stakeholders

We stabilize companies recovering value, preparing them to grow and retaining maximum employment

How do we do it
We are a transitional investor that builds future and stability to its companies

We invest in companies operating in Spain and with a revenue between 30 and 500 million euros.

5 reasons to rely on NK5 for your investment plan:

We stabilize companies recovering its value, preparing them to grow and retaining maximum employment.
We have no restrictions on the investment strategy or drawback arising from time horizons, as we do not have investment fund restraints.
We focus on the entire capital structure through various instruments: guaranteed debt, senior debt, working capital financing, subordinated debt, in addition to capital. We consider all the capital structure.
We make fast decisions and commit the investment needed to complete the acquisition, either alone or together with investors.
We can act as sole investors or, if the situation demands it due to its complexity or scope, as lead co-investors together with professional partrners.
Which companies are we interested in?

These are the situations in which we currently invest: companies that are in special situations and that need a tailor-made special investment plan:

Companies with excessive debt and operational deficiencies

We invest -and manage at an operational and financial level- in companies with excessive debt, working capital tension or any balance sheet restructuring need.

Succession problems

If the succession process within a family is not viable, NK5 helps such companies giving them the opportunity to participate in the success of the company.

Shareholders' disputes

We offer equitable, flexible and long-term focused solutions to shareholders with different business perspectives.

Corporate's spin-offs

Value generation is often hidden or wasted within large companies, in spite of their challenges and financial situation. We unlock its full potential value.

NPLs' portfolio

We have a differential approach when advising, monitoring and investing in selective portfolios of NPLs (failed loans) of medium (SMEs) or large companies (Corporates).

Innovative financing solutions

We finance short-term companies with excess debt or money tension. Thus, they can continue to operate while we implement long-term solutions.

Success stories
Examples on how do we work

Find here some success stories where we acted as CRO for important companies belonging to various sectors:

Our Team
An expert team at your disposal

See here the team of professionals who are responsible for the successful resolution of them: